Web Development

Get an elegant website for your personal brand or business, optimized for ease of marketing and conversion.  

Curated to your personal needs and delivered within a committed time-frame. 

Minimum maintenance and fastest results (ROI). 

Content Marketing

Understanding your ideal customers’ pain points, and ensuring your communication addresses those needs is the key to marketing success.

All your content is planned, scheduled, and published, in a manner to drive rapid growth and high impact. 

SEO, Ad Campaigns & more

Take care of all specific needs and niche requirements, necessary for accelerated growth. 

Personal Strategy Consultations

Sometimes a small tweak is all that’s needed to make things work. 

Website Development

A good website conveys what you stand for, appeals to your customer, is fast and intuitive to use. It clearly communicates the solution you offer to your audience and gets them to take some action. 

A website must not only have a clean design suited to your brand but also has quality content that speaks to your customer. Your website is the core of your digital efforts. A good website makes marketing fairly easy to sell, convert, optimise and scale. And that is what I bring to you, that too on a fairly simple and easy to maintain platform like WordPress.

WordPress is the extremely popular, very flexible and powerful open-source website creation platform. As of 2020, it powered a humongous 38% of the internet and continues to be the fastest-growing CMS. It is the best setup to use. More so if you are just starting out. It is very cost-effective and easy to maintain. 

SKCP Digital delivers you a website using this platform, which is carefully personalised to your needs. From Design Layout to Content and Marketing Integration you get it al in a single package. 


Key Features:

Content Marketing

“Content is King!” 

Quality content is the backbone of long-term growth strategies.  How you communicate matters a lot. Be it on your blog, on your landing page, or your social profiles. Research shows 61% of consumers’ buying decision is influenced by custom content.

I help you fulfil all your Content related needs. I also help clients implement Inbound & Content Marketing Strategies using content. It helps them achieve growth in traffic, and increase the number of visitors who are more likely to buy your product/service.

You can-

a) Hire Me as a Content Creator for a Specific requirement- Give the directives, share your plan, and state the specific requirements and I will deliver it for you.

b) Get me to create a Content Marketing Plan & Execute It- I will develop your content strategy, and deliver content most suited to the marketing needs of the business. This will be a long term arrangement, as there will be data analysis and constant optimization. We will work on a semi-annual or annual content calendar. 


Key Features:

Digital Marketing Essentials

As the business grows, there are many aspects of digital marketing that come into the picture. Based objectives, this could include facets such as –

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Digital Ads
  • Social media management
  • Running Campaigns (Event, Lead Generation, Driving Traffic, Brand Awareness, etc)
  • Using Data Analysis to Optimize & Grow

To avail the services, you can-

a) State your specific requirement– This is for businesses, which you have an active marketing plan in place and need a resource for with a specific requirement. 

b) Get end-to-end execution- For businesses which would like to completely outsource their digital marketing. I will prepare a marketing action plan that caters to your goals and needs and execute it. 


Key Features:

Book a Consultation

Sometimes, small tweaks and suggestions are all that’s needed to make things work. 

I offer 30 min video consultations, to help out upcoming business, solve their marketing problems.  

For established businesses, I work as long-term consultant, to help solve their marketing bottlenecks. 

Key Features:

You can also follow me on social media. 

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